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We understand that every company is unique. That’s why our approach is never one-size-fits-all. We take the time to understand your company culture, values, and specific hiring needs, delivering tailor-made solutions that resonate with your organisation’s goals.

Our market knowledge allows us to identify and attract candidates with the right skills and experience, ensuring that your company stays ahead in a competitive marketplace.

Whether your talent needs are local or national, we have the reach to connect you with the right candidates.

We don’t just aim for short-term success; we build long-lasting partnerships. Our commitment to your company’s growth goes beyond filling positions – we contribute to your organisational success by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and talent development.

Our services are specifically designed to help you recruit the very best talent, possessing the skills, experience and core attributes needed to drive growth in your business.

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Our customers

Ryan Burgess - East Sussex College
Talent Acquisition Partner - East Sussex College

I worked with James in my role as the Talent Acquisition Partner for East Sussex College. I would highly recommend James. He has a fantastic way of working with candidates and clients. He brings energy and results. If I was a candidate I would want James as my consultant.

Our customers

Nick Poyner
Managing Director - Rubix VT

In 2023, we went through a period of enormous growth at Rubix VT, a Brighton-based business telecoms provider. In order to manage the expansion of the business we needed to recruit talented people across all departments including sales, account management, support, installations, marketing and finance.
James Naylor reacted swiftly to our needs, and through him we have recruited across the business. We believe we have the right people in place and James should take huge credit for his valuable help.

Why choose Rubix Recruitment?

Our personal dedicated service sets us apart

Community Connection

A local recruitment business understands the unique dynamics of your community, allowing us to source candidates aligned with your company's values and culture.

Rapid Response

Being independent means we can be agile. We will swiftly respond to your hiring needs, ensuring a quick turnaround in identifying, interviewing, and placing top-notch talent.

Sophie Richards

Community Investment

We are part of the Rubix Group, which is dedicated to supporting the local community. The group actively supports Chestnut Tree House, The Starr Trust, Rockinghorse and Together Co.

Personalised Service

We will contact you directly to find out what you actually need. We won't offer an automated AI service. We work with people. We will work with you!


Your recruitment questions answered

Placing a job vacancy on a job board has never been easier, so why involve a recruitment agency?

In fact, using a recruiter makes complete sense. An agency has a no win, no pay policy. In other words, you only have to pay for our services if we find the ideal person to fill your vacant role. If we find an applicant who will be a genuinely positive asset for your business, then the commission fee is well worth the money. If you find the right person on your own, then you won't be required to pay for our service. Using a recruiter is a no-risk venture.

We don't limit our services to individual sectors. Our diverse expertise spans many industries. For us it is all about the candidate. We will place candidates in roles that they are most suited to

If you advertise a position on a job board, you may well get large volumes of applicants.

Whether ideal applicant applies is another matter. When we see your job description and find out more about your business, we can search for that elusive applicant. The fact is that the person you really want is likely to already be in employment, and not actively looking for a move. But that doesn't mean they aren't open to offers!


Job hunting is an exhausting, time-consuming and often frustrating process. Let us help you. We will help with your search and only put you forward for positions where you have a good chance of succeeding.  

No, we only work with permanent positions. We prefer to focus on our strengths and offer an exceptional specialist service.

This is a tricky question to answer as it depends on many factors. The timeline varies depending on the position and complexity.  For example, if a hospitality business needs staff urgently, we will act immediately to meet the deadline. Conversely, many positions may require a in-depth interview and filtering process. Our focus is on efficiency without compromising the quality of candidate selection. We will ensure that unnecessary delays are avoided. 

We have a local focus but can cater to regional and national needs. Our extensive network allows us to connect you with the right talent, wherever your business operates. Having said that, our network connections are strongest in the South East, particularly in Sussex, Surrey, Kent and South London.

Our work does not finish when a candidate is recruited. Our commitment extends way beyond placement. We provide post-placement support, facilitating a smooth transition for the new hire and ensuring your satisfaction with the selected candidate.